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 What have people said? 

Don't just take it from us that Youth Take Over is awesome!

Here is what some of our Take Over Community have had to say.

Brea, 25

"My experience with Youth Take Over was fantastic and I really encourage those who are wanting to gain more experience to become more desirable to employers to give it a go! I learnt so many skills, expanded on my current skill set, have made so many friends and broadened my network and the opportunities from my experience with Youth Take Over are still rolling in. A fun, engaging and beyond rewarding program facilitated by an extremely supportive and hands down unreal team! 

Meg, 19

"At first [I signed up] just for the work

experience but actually coming and being a part of the experience... it was just such a wonderful opportunity."

Jesse, 25

"I love the teamwork and the exposure it has provided to some really great and knowledgeable women in the industry... "...I also appreciate how flexible the internship has been, easy to fit around other life commitments."

Sara, 24

"I've loved being able to do some art that I typically wouldn't do and being around a new group of people has been lovely and fun to work with."

Millefaye, 25

"I felt nervous because I have never done anything like this before. Then I realised it was most peoples first time too doing something like this, and that made it a lot easier. Now have I have 7 new facebook friends... I know that I can do so much more."

Jack, 20

"Being a part of this project... it's the most social I have ever been. I have never done anything like this before. I'm really happy I did."

 What do you get out of a Take Over? 

Take Overs are designed to make you more employable. Sometimes, that means pointing out how to best present the skills you already have. Other times, it's about figuring out which jobs you should be applying for. Either way, you will finish a Take Over with confidence in yourself as you know you're putting your best foot forward in future job applications. 

References for your CV

By working closely with your facilitator, assistant facilitator and the entire Youth Take Over team, you end up with a community of people who will vouch for you when you next apply for a job. We can't wait to tell future employers how awesome you are!

A finished product

The final piece of work you create with your team will be something to be proud of! We know that having a project you can show off in an interview is a huge leg up for young people. Plus, it's nice to see your name on something and know that YOU did that.

Careers counselling

Our Director Ella Hughes will take each team member through a careers counselling session during the Take Over. As you gain skills throughout the Take Over, it's essential to understand how best to show them off on your resume. 

Industry connections

You will meet industry experts and mentors who will become part of your professional network. When you're just starting out, networking can seem way too hard. Take Overs put you in the same room as people you aspire to be like.

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