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Our Commitment to You

The goal of a Take Over is to make you feel ready for the workplace.

It's important for us to acknowledge that these spaces, where young people can up-skill for jobs, have historically had barriers for different groups of people. A big part of our mission is closing the gap between young people and employers, and we strive to do that by creating accessible and inclusive spaces where our interns can thrive. Here are some of the ways we do that...

Access to Venues

Before a Take Over, we will send out information about the venue; the doorway width and the bathrooms available. This information will be provided to everyone, but if there are more specifics you need, we can provide any further information as well.

Online Etiquette

During all online meetings, we will ensure there are bathroom breaks, minutes for down time and notes for you to follow.

Communications Options

We know that some people prefer text, calls or emails for different reasons. We take your communication preferences seriously and make sure we are getting in touch with you the way that you prefer.


We provide fidget spinners, play dough, and other forms of stimulation that you can use during the Take Over. We also know some people focus better when they can doodle, so we have pens and paper for all. You are also welcome to bring your own or request anything you know makes you feel more comfortable.

Bring a Support Person

Any intern is welcome to bring a support person. Sometimes, that's just for the first session. For you, it might be better to bring someone to every session. 

Choose Your Own Adventure

Your role in the Take Over will be suited to your skills, both ones you have and those you want to gain. But you choose your pace, how much you take on, and your level of responsibility. Pretty cool, right?

That's our commitment, but we also know that...

...we can always make our programs more inclusive and we welcome your feedback to make our programs more accessible. If there is something you need, or think will benefit other young people at Take Over, please email us your suggestions!

We appreciate all suggestions.


Please note that every Take Over is held at a different venue and it is always worth while sign posting your needs if you feel comfortable to do so. 

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