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 What is Youth Take Over?

Youth Take Over aims to bridge the disconnect between young people and employers in the Loddon Campaspe region.

A key element of the program is the facilitation of short internships in which a group of 4-10 young people work on a project that leads to a 'take over' of a workplace. Young people are trained by community and industry experts to learn about the industry and develop the skills they need to run their Take Over, and get experience they can talk about in their next job application.

Participants leave the program with industry knowledge and contacts plus the skills and confidence to launch their career adventure.

The YTO Approach 

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We equip young people to level up.

We meet young people on their terms, value their contributions, amplify their voices, honour their experiences and treat them like adults. We follow their lead whilst having their back. They’ve got this, we’re just giving them a power boost.

We dream big. 

But we’re not too big for our boots. We stay focused on our mission and remain accountable for our actions. We’re open and transparent about we can do and what we can’t – we don’t over-promise.


We harness our own youthfulness.

We recognise that Youth Take Over is a new initiative – we’re young too. We approach our mission with creativity, playfulness and a sense of adventure. We acknowledge that we don’t know everything (yet) but we are committed to active listening, deep reflection and learning through iteration. We take risks and embrace our failures as opportunities for growth.

We believe in a seat for everyone.

We recognize the power of social inclusion in building happy, resilient and productive communities. We are accessible, and actively support the inclusion of First Nations people, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, women and non-binary people, neurodiverse people, people from low-income communities and people of colour. We believe that all young people are custodians of the future and should have an equal seat at the table.

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