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We improve education and employment outcomes for young people in the City of Greater Bendigo, Mount Alexander and Central Goldfields shires, prioritising the vulnerable and at-risk.
In partnership with government, education, industry and community, we empower young people to actively engage, transition and succeed in education and the world of work.

Connecting Our Community


‘Connecting Our Community’ is an art installation located in Bendigo Telco’s Customer Experience (CX) Centre in the heart of Bendigo. It was commissioned by Bendigo Telco and created by Dylan Treacy, Jesse Munzel and Nell Bradbury through Youth Take Over.

Bendigo Telco wanted to utilise a blank wall in the CX Centre to help tell their story so that people can get an understanding of what makes Bendigo Telco ‘not just another telco company’. The artists landed on a subway-style map that mirrors a street map of Bendigo to illustrate how Bendigo Telco is connecting the local community through helping people achieve their technology successes.


The embedded photo gallery is designed to evolve over time and feature projects supported by the Bendigo Northern District Community Enterprise, Empowering Eaglehawk, the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise and the Strathfieldsaye and Districts Community Enterprise. Bendigo Telco has partnered with each of these community enterprises to deliver financial support, connections and advocacy for community groups and projects that enhance the lives of their communities. Read more about the enterprises below.


The artwork also incorporates logos of Bendigo Telco’s shareholders – Bendigo Bank, Bendigo Health, City of Greater Bendigo and Coliban Water.

Hear From the Artists

Bendigo Northern District Community Enterprise



The Bendigo Northern District Community Enterprise (BNDCE) originated from the foresight of a group of community minded people who identified the need for a vehicle to drive projects forward in the local district. It is a partnership with Bendigo Bank and Bendigo Telco and is directed and managed by local people to assist the residents of Bendigo’s northern districts by:


  • Giving the people of our communities the power to make good ideas happen

  • Directing money to projects and activities and facilities to support young people, families and the elderly

  • Implementing a small grants program to lend support to community organisations

  • Actively involving itself in the continued growth and development of the community and to contribute to both the financial and overall well-being of the local district.


The BNDCE district includes the areas from in and around White Hills and Bendigo East and north through Epsom, Ascot, Huntly, Bagshot, Goornong, Raywood and Toolleen.

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Empowering Eaglehawk

Empowering Eaglehawk was born in 2006 with founding community members Ross Mitchell, Noel Claridge, Tricia Spence, Brian Davey, Mary Preston, Gordan and Michael McKern, Peter Krenz, Nadia McComb and Phil Kerr. One of founding members Nadia McComb, was a year 9 student who came onto the committee with former Principal at Eaglehawk Secondary College, Noel Claridge. Empowering Eaglehawk has built strong partnerships with Eaglehawk Secondary College to bring youth voice onto the committee.


Empowering Eaglehawk has raised over $1 million for the local community with partners throughout the years including Bendigo Bank, Bendigo Telco, Evergreen Waters and IGA. Without the help from these partners, Empowering Eaglehawk would not have been able to achieve in helping major projects including the redevelopment of the Canterbury Park Prescient, our new local play space and hundreds of other projects around the 3556 community.


In 2023, Empowering Eaglehawk continues to be a driving force in the local 3556 community through the provision of grants, youth engagement and local opportunities.

Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise

The Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise (KFCE) is a not for profit community organisation, formed by residents of Kangaroo Flat and Districts to provide community input and resources into local initiatives, programs and facilities.


Since its inception, KFCE has donated over $250,000 to various local non for profit community groups such as junior and senior sporting groups, primary schools, fire brigades and dance groups, as well as assist non for profit community groups to obtain Defibrillators.


KFCE also advocates on behalf of Kangaroo Flat and surrounding regions, most notably in securing a 50 metre pool now located in Browning Street that the Kangaroo Flat community called for. The Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise has also donated $100,000 towards the project in conjunction with the major fundraising project to help reach our target of approximately $1 million.


The KFCE operates through the relationships developed with its major business partners: Bendigo Bank and Bendigo Telco.

Strathfieldsaye and Districts Community Enterprise

Strathfieldsaye and Districts Community Enterprise (SDCE) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping Strathfieldsaye and the surrounding towns become strong, vibrant and healthy communities.


They do this by providing financial support, connections and advocacy for community groups and projects that enhance the lives of local residents.


This assistance is made possible through the support of partners Bendigo Bank and Bendigo Telco, who provide SDCE with a sustainable income stream based on business generated by SDCE’s supporters.


​Over $1 million has been given back to the community so far, for the construction of major infrastructure projects, walking trails, education programs, renewable energy programs, community events and funding for small community organisations.

Thank you to our sponsor for supporting this project 

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Wine Label Design

Are you the kind of person that chooses your drink based on the label? Have you ever seen a design on a bottle that has made you pause in the aisles? Well, graphic designers everywhere are trying to figure out how to appeal to their audience, and there is so much that goes into their creative process.


Our wine label design interns—Sara, Annelise, Dylan, Millefaye, Jack, Kiet, Meg and Taisla—put their hands up to learn the art of graphic design. Peter Dredge from Red Edge Wine was kind enough to offer a bottle that needed a makeover; the Degree Shiraz.


With Kira from The KH Studio, the facilitator of the Take Over, the team brainstormed the kind of questions a graphic designer asks a client. It's essential to understand a person's story when creating art for their brand. Kira guided the interns by showing how she gets to the heart of a brand's image.


As a part of this Take Over, the interns headed to the Heathcote Winery to ask Peter about the Shiraz, his brand history, and his career journey. This is how they learned he had a passion for the phascogale, a native marsupial that Peter himself is part of the conservation efforts to save. It's stories like this that impact designers and their thought processes.

And as they say... "when in Heathcote!" The crew visited another local winery to meet India Munari of Munari Wines. Even though she had just finished picking grapes for their vintage that day, she sat down with the interns and told them her story. She also answered their questions about bottle design and told them her tips for a winning label. Bree, one of her young staff members, even answered the intern's questions about her job and how she got there.


Over the next few sessions, interns workshopped their ideas with Kira, leading to a presentation with Brent Nolan from Blunt Agency. He gave each intern personalised feedback and pointers for their work. This process helped interns workshop their designs and taught them the language for their decision-making process. Part of working with a client is being able to explain what you have done and why.


After that, the next mission was to print the labels. Alyssa Tucker, the lead Creative at The KH Studio, talked the interns through printing. She told them the dos and the don'ts of finalising designs and told them how she goes about wrapping up a project and trailing designs. 


This project ended with an exhibition of all the artwork at Rood Henry's Art Space. The crew went about organising the entire show themselves, hanging the art, setting up installations like a projector and lights, and organising the catering. This means our interns are now event organising pros, as the night was a hit!


To top it all off, one of the final designs was even chosen by Peter to go on a brand new bottle of wine. That alone is the testament to the power of young people. When they are given a shot like this, the take it for all it's worth. 

Untitled design.png
Youth Take OverAsset Squiggle-01.png
Youth Take OverAsset 1.png

High Street Murals

If you were given a design brief that asked for artwork with ‘pathways’, what would first come to mind? A maze, a road, a river?


This was the question our High Street Murals team pondered as they began brainstorming ideas. The team of seven—Dylan, Millefaye, Annelise, Keit, Cody, Nell and Jack—came together to give an office space a makeover with the help of Reece from Nacho Station. As their facilitator, Reece showed the team how he goes about breaking down a client brief, pitching ideas, and conceputlising art on such a large scale.


The crew came from various different backgrounds, some with a preference for digital art, others for instilation... and some of the team hadn't even thought about the paintings they do as a skill! A big part of Youth Take Over is exploring the things you already do, and learning to see them as your skills. 


Speaking of skills, the team learned how to work with others ideas, how to share their processes and how to manage working in the 'new normal.' Yes, being able to meet on zoom, and have meetings from home is a skill! The team decided to set up a discord to stay in touch. This meant that there were channels for them to share art, stories, ideas, and everything in between. 

The client they were hired by was Goldfields LLEN (Local Learning & Engagement Network) who had an office space with blank white walls. Dave Burton, the Exective Officer, gave the team a brief for their ideas of what the murals should look like. 

For the final session, Reece set up an art session with Mr Scribbles, and the team got to put some 'paste ups' around Bendigo. 

The only thing left to do was the launch of the finished walls. The team got to show off their work, and head out for drinks and celebrations afterwards.

Youth Take Over programs not only give you life long skills, make you more emoployable, and show you your own potential—it's also just a great way to network and make friends!

If you are ever in Bendigo, drop by number 43 on High Street and check out the artwork that has changed Goldfields LLEN.

Youth Take OverAsset 1.png

Photo documentary series by Millefaye Aquino, one of the High Street Murals interns

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