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As a LLEN, we are a grouping of organisations and individuals interested and involved in the wellbeing, education, training and employment of young people. Our purpose is to support young people, particularly those who are vulnerable, to improve their engagement with education and training leading to the completion of Year 12 or its equivalent.

Youth Take Over interns in Gunbower Forest trying out Citizen Science for themselves and t
6 Interns from Echuca Broke Down the Barriers to Youth Participation in Citizen Science for North Central CMA


What is citizen science? And how do we get young people involved?


A group of 6 interns worked on a Take Over to answer these questions, culminating in recommendations for North Central Catchment Management Authority. Their job was to provide a youth perspective on the organisation and conduct surveys to determine the barriers to youth volunteering.


Our young participants designed a launch event at the Neighbourhood House in Echuca to share the results of their survey (which had 234 responses!) and the recommendations they gave to North Central CMA.


The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, and many remarked on the professionalism and creativity of our youth. Congratulations, team!

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Made in Echuca Moama:
Check out this site made by YTO interns... 


Did you know that Youth Take Over started in 2021 during COVID-19, which meant many of our young people signed up for the program during lockdowns? We think that shows incredible initiative and should be applauded!

It’s important that within the workforce, we acknowledge the challenges and hardships young people went through during this time.

YTO saw 6 young interns working over Zoom to complete their work experience project for Echuca Moama Tourism from January to March 2022. They worked with Jordan Collin from Huntly Organics, who showed them how to create an online hub for local makers in Echuca Moama.

We are thrilled The Hub is now live! Check it out at

Our biggest thanks to the team at Echuca Moama Tourism for championing the work of young people. It was a privilege to see this team of interns come together with fresh ideas every week, support each other during the pandemic, and gain workplace-ready skills.

YTO believes that young people deserve the chance to hone their teamwork, communication, and commitment skills through group-based work experience. All of our interns who worked during the pandemic should feel incredibly proud of themselves, and we feel so lucky to have been a part of their career adventures.

Thank you to our sponsor, the Agnico Eagle Australia Community Partnership Program, for supporting young people during the pandemic and beyond.

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