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Hosts & Workplaces

The host of a Take Over can be separate to the facilitator of the Take Over. The host is the person, company or organisation that gives the young people the project. In simple terms, it’s like a client.


In this way, workplaces are able to hand over a project they may have given to a private contractor to a team of young people.


In our Murals Take Over, the client was Goldfields LLEN, who had a blank wall in need of a fresh lick of paint. They tasked the young people with painting a mural, and the Take Over was facilitated by Reece from Nacho Station. He was able to model client and contractor relationships to the interns.


Another example is Red Edge Wine, who showed the young people a bottle of wine that could do with a label update. For the Design A Wine Label Take Over, Kira Tucker from The KH Studio guided the young people on how to pitch an idea to the client as a graphic designer and walked them through the process of dealing with a design brief.


Hosts and workplaces that work with Youth Take Over and given an end product that is of a professional standard. More than that, they are joining in our ever-growing community that is working to uplift young people in regional Victoria to put their hand up for exciting projects.

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