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Mentors are visitors who come to our Take Overs for one session to tell their story.


Youth Take Over asks every person to talk about their very first job. Why? Because we need to remember that everyone started somewhere. We believe that your first job doesn’t have to be your best job—but every job is a stepping stone that helps build a path forward.


We also ask about the moment when the mentor realised 'this' is what they wanted to do. That moment often comes after trying different things, finding success with some and having to scrap other ideas. It's so important for young people to hear these stories. 


Our mentors come to the Take Over, tell the young people the peaks and pits of their journey, and answer any questions that young people have. Mentors are an important part of our program as they can also offer guidance to the interns on their project and give pointers.


We always invite mentors to come to the final launch of the Take Over project. Our organisation relies on the collective power of the community to help celebrate the young people's wins. But we also know it’s reading for everyone to see all of their ideas come to fruition.

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