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High Street Murals

If you were given a design brief that asked for artwork with ‘pathways’, what would first come to mind? A maze, a road, a river?


This was the question our High Street Murals team pondered as they began brainstorming ideas. The team of seven—Dylan, Millefaye, Annelise, Keit, Cody, Nell and Jack—came together to give an office space a makeover with the help of Reece from Nacho Station. As their facilitator, Reece showed the team how he goes about breaking down a client brief, pitching ideas, and conceputlising art on such a large scale.


The crew came from various different backgrounds, some with a preference for digital art, others for instilation... and some of the team hadn't even thought about the paintings they do as a skill! A big part of Youth Take Over is exploring the things you already do, and learning to see them as your skills. 


Speaking of skills, the team learned how to work with others ideas, how to share their processes and how to manage working in the 'new normal.' Yes, being able to meet on zoom, and have meetings from home is a skill! The team decided to set up a discord to stay in touch. This meant that there were channels for them to share art, stories, ideas, and everything in between. 

The client they were hired by was Goldfields LLEN (Local Learning & Engagement Network) who had an office space with blank white walls. Dave Burton, the Exective Officer, gave the team a brief for their ideas of what the murals should look like. 

For the final session, Reece set up an art session with Mr Scribbles, and the team got to put some 'paste ups' around Bendigo. 

The only thing left to do was the launch of the finished walls. The team got to show off their work, and head out for drinks and celebrations afterwards.

Youth Take Over programs not only give you life long skills, make you more emoployable, and show you your own potential—it's also just a great way to network and make friends!

If you are ever in Bendigo, drop by number 43 on High Street and check out the artwork that has changed Goldfields LLEN.

Youth Take OverAsset 1.png

Photo documentary series by Millefaye Aquino, one of the High Street Murals interns

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