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Youth Take Over runs on a facilitation model. This means that each project has a trained professional, an expert in their field, who can show interns what they would do if they were given the project brief.


YTO hopes to give power to the experts in our community who have a lot to offer the young people from their own region. With so many amazing local business owners, creators, movers and shakers around, it only makes sense to run Take Overs in tandem with the local talent around us. Moreover, it is important for young people to learn about the career adventures of people who live in and work in their region.


Over the course of the 8 weeks, the facilitator works as a team leader, a boss on a smaller scale, for the interns. They show their ideas, progress, and bring their questions to the facilitator at the group sessions every week.


The ripple effects of this impact the community, as our facilitators are given the chance to learn the art of being a trainer themselves, whilst the young people get to learn off the pros.


Our facilitators are supported by the YTO team, who help with the construction of lesson plans, organising materials, and problem-solving as we go. When you are a facilitator of a Take Over, you are joining a team designed to set young people up for a win and create something that everyone can be proud of.

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