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45 Mundy Street

Film an Epic Rescue Mission

Youth Take Over is giving 10-12 young people the chance to film the awesome Victorian Mine Rescue Competition. This means you will be able to see the work of emergency responders first hand as they tackle a Mine Rescue simulation.

Film an Epic Rescue Mission
Film an Epic Rescue Mission

Time & Location


45 Mundy Street

About the Event

In every job, you have to do some training before you can get started.    

Well, what happens when you work in emergency services? 

Just like everyone else, emergency responders get trained up before they head out to save lives. This means getting prepared for all kinds of scenarios. 

Did you know there is an ENTIRE mine rescue simulation that gives the legendary emergency responders a chance to practise saving lives? Can you even imagine what that would look like?

Well. Here is your opportunity to join a film crew like no other. The 'Film an Epic Rescue Mission' Take Over gives interns the chance to capture the Victorian Mine Rescue Competition! 

Yep, emergency response teams from all over the state get together to put their skills to the test.    

Filmmaker Leonie Van Eyk will take interns through the documentary-making process, and interns will get the chance to see what life in emergency services looks like. 

There are so many different elements to emergency services; it's like any workplace! You need people with different skill sets to make it work.

​​What we always say is that anyone can be a part of this Take Over because no specific skills or knowledge is needed. But... everyone who joins is setting themselves up to be an asset to their future workplaces.     ​

In short, all those who are interested are welcome!

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